Wednesday, 22 May 2013

How To Import All Your Contacts To

No doubt Microsoft's is an awesome mail service provider. It's built-in deep integration with Windows and other Microsoft services like SkyDrive, Calendars, makes it stand out of the crowd from the competition. Especially the Metro-styled GUI, which makes it so easy to navigate within.

I've myself made a switch to from Gmail and swear to god - I'll never return. Never - ever! It's so fast, so reliable. I would say is the best product Microsoft has ever launched after Office. One thing that I love about is it could easily sync between many mail providers and operating systems. Here's a tutorial for you to help you with importing all your contacts to your new Outlook account.

Import from Twitter, LinkedIN & Facebook

Sign in your account with your credentials, navigate to > People. Choose the service from where you wants to import your contacts. For ex: to add your Facebook friends to your Outlook account click on Import email addresses from Facebook.

Import from Gmail & Yahoo Mail

To sync with Gmail and Yahoo Mail, login to your account go to > Contacts > Export All. Choose Outlook CSV format as download. Once the download is complete upload the downloaded file to > People > Import from file. Choose Outlook CSV format.

Import from Android & Windows Phone

You can  import your Android contacts with only by exporting all Android contacts to Gmail, then importing them via Outlook CSV file to your account. Download official Microsoft app from Google Play (link) for syncing mails. Once you have installed the app, go to Settings > Sync > Choose your syncing frequency. The app will automatically emails.

For syncing with Windows Phone, Microsoft has an official guide. Click here to read.

Import from Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod

To import contacts from your Apple device, you must have iCloud service active and all your contacts must have been backup-ed to Apple servers. Navigate to from your PC or Mac's browser > click on contacts > choose the contact you want to import to Outlook or choose all > download them by exporting as vCard.

Once the vCard file has been downloaded. Convert it into CSV file using any free online vCard to CSV converter (I will suggest - After converting you can import all your contacts by > People > Import from file.

I hope this helped you. Drop your in comments if have any questions.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Our List of 20 Best Ubuntu Linux Downloads

Ubuntu is world's best and user-friendliest Linux operating system ever made. It has a lot of user base as compared to other Linux distros. People love it because of its simpler Macintosh style GUI, open-sourceness and of course - the security.

But one thing where Linux lacks is the number of software available for them are very less. That's why people don't prefer them much as compared to Windows & Mac. Ubuntu people out there, don't worry, we've made a list of top 20 the best Ubuntu apps available, you can call it our Ubuntu download pack.

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Internet Helped Me to Get 3 Inch Taller!

[Note: This post is submitted by our reader Aditya (name changed due to privacy concern), and it reflects his own views, ideas, and methods *his story*. You can always contact Tech Sapling incase of any issue/problem/doubt. If you too want to contribute to TS, drop us an email:]

First of all guys, this is not an advertisement, review, spam or something. This is my real story I am sharing with you all and it's 100% true. If you are currently reading this, this is for sure that you are interested in increasing your height. Well, 4 months back I was in your position only, sitting in the corner of my room using computer searching for height increase methods on internet and mostly all were spams, frauds. I didn't give up and did an intense research which actually paid me later on. I was just 5'65 feet and now I am 5'10.

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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Why Did I Buy Mac Over Windows — Reasons.

I've recently made a switch from Windows to Mac, bought a brand new MacBook Pro. The sudden shift from Window to Mac was not at all problematic, moreover it was awesome. Being an iPad user, the things were quite familiar; the dock, the icons, all looked familiar, though the experience of a Mac was far better than the iPad (& Windows).

I had to buy a new laptop for me as my old one fell and broke a part. I could have bought a Windows laptop, and even could have saved few dollars for my college studies, but I didn't  I went for the MacBook Pro 13'.

Mac is quite expensive comparing Windows, but it's worth the price. Here are reasons why I bought one.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Install WhatsApp On Mac, Windows, iPad and iPod

Being a cross platform chatting application, WhatsApp Messenger is a lot of famous these days. Its features like chat, share images, videos, locations and being available on mostly all mobile operating systems make it so "cool" among others.

But one thing that I hate is when I am using my iPad or desktop, it sometimes become really annoying to stop a while what I was doing, then check phone, open lock, click on WhatsApp icon and reply to the messages. It's real time- consuming and annoying. Isn't it?

So, I figured out the way. I installed WhatsApp on my desktops, iPad, iPod. Here's a tutorial for slacks like me -

WhatApp on Mac, Windows, iPad, iPod

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