Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Outlook Recovery Tool to Repair Corrupt Outlook PST Files

Similar to other email client files, Outlook PST files are also at the threat of damage or corruption. Damage to the file makes Outlook users to stay away from accessing their own data. Outlook Recovery, a third party solution can help you with the issue of PST file. The design of the application is so proper that, it removes all the corruption affected on the file; no matter how severe is it. Being a Windows supported tool, it supports version 8.1 and all below. From the coming session you will get to know the software in-depth.

All About Outlook Recovery Software
Outlook PST Recovery tool is one of the product of an eminent software organization. The idea came from the careful study on the requirement of users from the market. Outlook Recovery tool is designed with simple and friendly interface, making users to work easily with it. It renders the user's complete recovery of the damaged file without any loss to the data and also restores the permanently deleted data back.

Monday, 26 October 2015

10 Ways To Hack Your Brain Online

We all have been knowing this since the middle school days that brain is ruler of the body, it controls each and everything which our body does, and is never at rest. Even when we are sleeping our subconscious mind is awake and it still sends and receives messages from other parts of the body to carry out functions. This is a generation where our mind has to go even a lot more than it used to before, the stress level and workload of people are increasing, our sleeping habits & eating habits are changing which directly affects our brain. The stain these screens of our HD smartphones, computers put on our eyes, affects brain drastically.
Credits: Wikipedia 

Four years back when I was new in the field of Personal Tech, I shared an article about Computer Face on one of my friends blog. I just wrote it because it was something new, not that I was scared of it, but today I am! This is being like a fiction coming into reality, computers are causing so many problems and the worst thing is most of them are being overlooked. Computer Face was causing wrinkles, saggy jaws.

But now overusing of gadgets is not just making damages to the physical parts of body but also the intellectual; excessive use of technology is making people dumb.

We have everything available at our fingertips that people have forgotten to learn or memorize anything. You are just a click away from what you need. When was the last time you did your homework or a business presentation yourself without the help of Google or Wikipedia? We know that staying away from technology is not easy these days, but compromising your health or state of mind because of it also doesn't make any sense that's why we have come up with ways to make your brain better, online!

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Internet That Broadcasts Child Pornography And Other Cruel Things

Google Image Search: Deep Web
Like if the internet was not already scary enough, this is something even worse than that! A part of the internet where like every illegal and cruel thing happens. No, I am not talking about spamming, stalking or hacking here, at a certain limit they are still forgivable crimes, and most people are aware of them. Even we have published many security tips about them, but what I am talking about right now is something no one can help you with, once you're stuck with; a part of internet that is unknown to 90% of its users which publishes live murders, rapes, child pornography, tortures, drug dealings, weapons, identity thefts and everything bad you can think off.

Friday, 3 April 2015

10 Privacy Settings You Must Have On Your Accounts

This is 2015 and here everything is dependent on technology. No matter what, directly or indirectly everything is dependent on tech. What you eat, what you do and even what you shop. Everything is tracked. The browser you are using to read this article is using cookies, which store all the information. At what time you read this, which other tabs were open while you were reading this, what other pages you visited and many other things are being recorded without coming to your notice.

These cookies not only help Google, Facebook and other big companies to help you provide better search results (knowing what you read often, which page you visit and search), but also helps online advertisers to serve you advertisements related to your personal life and spammers to spam you.

All your personal information is going out. Even a device without internet connection would be tracking you. So, where's your privacy? You are actually selling the internet and other gadgets your personal information. Your information is used by tech giants and is manipulated to serve you advertisements, products and even further sold to CIA and FBI. You are continuously under surveillance of others. So, how safe do you feel now?

Friday, 27 March 2015

How To Make Professional Looking Photos Easily

Since the social networks have come, popularity of photography has been increasing among people. It's just not among teenagers, but everyone. Everyone seems to have developed a craze for photos these days, you are no hidden from those hundred likes on the selfie of the girl who you hate, that one popular kid who is getting thousands of shares and likes on his images. Jealous of them? Be no more. I will help you to make the photo of your dreams.

Even my own friends have been asking me about how I capture so good stuff that without without any professional equipment or much of professional software knowledge. I have been editing their pictures since some long back now and I guess it's time I should teach them how to do things on their own.