Monday, 26 October 2015

10 Ways To Hack Your Brain Online

We all have been knowing this since the middle school days that brain is ruler of the body, it controls each and everything which our body does, and is never at rest. Even when we are sleeping our subconscious mind is awake and it still sends and receives messages from other parts of the body to carry out functions. This is a generation where our mind has to go even a lot more than it used to before, the stress level and workload of people are increasing, our sleeping habits & eating habits are changing which directly affects our brain. The stain these screens of our HD smartphones, computers put on our eyes, affects brain drastically.
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Four years back when I was new in the field of Personal Tech, I shared an article about Computer Face on one of my friends blog. I just wrote it because it was something new, not that I was scared of it, but today I am! This is being like a fiction coming into reality, computers are causing so many problems and the worst thing is most of them are being overlooked. Computer Face was causing wrinkles, saggy jaws.

But now overusing of gadgets is not just making damages to the physical parts of body but also the intellectual; excessive use of technology is making people dumb.

We have everything available at our fingertips that people have forgotten to learn or memorize anything. You are just a click away from what you need. When was the last time you did your homework or a business presentation yourself without the help of Google or Wikipedia? We know that staying away from technology is not easy these days, but compromising your health or state of mind because of it also doesn't make any sense that's why we have come up with ways to make your brain better, online!

Ways To Hack Your Brain

Applications and Games: This is an era of mobile operating systems and thanks to it for making such a large technology available in small hands, the applications we've today on our mobile phones, in past one couldn't even think of them to be on Desktops. There are a lot of applications available on Apple Store and Play Store, which can be installed to test and train your brain. Some of my favourites are: Elevate, Neuro Nation, Fit Brains, BrainHQ and Sleep as Android.
BrainHQ and Fit Brains both also have a Web version. All of these apps work great and offer many activities within. Though some are paid, but are totally worth it. The reason to include Sleep as Android in my list is, when someone is sleep deprived; the brain works the least. This would help them tracking their sleep.

Extra: You can also try or its app.
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Priming: Priming is an implicit memory effect in which exposure to one stimulus influences the response to another stimulus. For ex: someone's making a painting and he shows the half, you would still be able to make out what's the painting is about in next seeing. Priming could be done on your smart phones as well as computers, listen to a song and make a small video about it, don't make video exactly about the song, just the hints of the song or the description of song in your owns words, save it. The next time you will watch that video, you will remember the song automatically.

Article Directories & Websites: The internet is full of them, you just have to make a search what's your problem and would get a solution in no time. What matters is accuracy, which you won't find everywhere. Two websites which I personally use are: eHow and WikiHow. They can be a lot helpful in learning new things, they publish thousands articles each day on different topics. Let your learning never stop.

Binaural Beats: Binaural beats, or Binaural tones, are auditory processing artifacts, or apparent sounds, caused by specific physical stimuli. And, there's one for every cause from increasing height growth to curing headache and making memory sharper. Yes, this is no joke. These tones do work; they hit directly on Neurons and brain follows the instruction. You can search for them on internet, even YouTube is full of them.

Extra: Try the meditation version of the tone.

Optical Illusions: Any type of optical illusion would do the work. What it does is it alerts mind to find what is right and what is wrong, some optical illusions could be so tough that you couldn't properly sleep after seeing them. Some of them I will recommend you can be found here. You can save and look at them whenever you want.

Pornography: Well, I am not here to promote Adult industry or its content, what I am sharing is 100% scientifically proven. After watching porn, our body releases Testosterone, which is a male hormone. It makes mind feel pleasurable and light. People who watch porn would know how easy it is to fall asleep after watching. Although porn is now banned in India, but could be easily accessed with the help of proxy servers or in different countries worldwide.

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Reminder & Notes: You can set a reminder somewhat like “Don't forget to smile”, this would probably make you smile. May it be for a minute, but will do. You can do same with the notes application, use notes to vent out your feelings, make life goals like what changes you want in your life, why do you want, how will you achieve them, the possibilities are limitless. If you are an Apple fanboy, it would be a lot easier for you. Apple automatically syncs notes and reminders among all devices logged in with the same account.

Extra: You can try Evernote for better experience.

Avoiding Social Networks Like Facebook: The reason that I am saying this is, Facebook has this dark secret; it uses an algorithm to know what's up with your mood in real time and would mostly show updates similar to that. So, whenever you're sad, don't use social networks. Watch a funny video of cat, maybe that will help. If you want to share something to feel light, use this confession page, which is completely anonymous. Try not to share personal life on Facebook.

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Coding and Designing: Sometimes being free of time also causes us depression, don’t waste your time. Learn Coding or Designing; they will be very helpful in long. Coding is all related with Mathematics, it will not just give you a degree, but also improve your mental ability, which will help you make decisions in your life positively. One of the best place to learn online coding is Khan Academy. You can also download free eBooks from various websites.

Starting a Journal: Start a blog or a diary of your own, if you’re lonely and your mind perceives nothing. This will help you regain confidence and find a perfect companion within yourself. Trust me, then you wouldn’t need anyone. There are many platforms available where you can start your own blog like WordPress, Blogger. For the beginners I will suggest to try Tumblr. Once you become good at it, you can even pursue blogging as a career.