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Issues I Faced With Apple Products

I've been a great fan of Apple, ever since I bought my first iPod and then iPad, MacBook. People who had been close to me would know how crazy I used to be for their products. Even before I owned any of their device, I admired the company, mostly because of the minimalistic look they used to have in their products or I should say 'the user interface' as the Apple says. No doubt Apple had 'actually' been producing awesome products, but there is also no doubt that they are not the worth what the company actually sells them for. They are extremely expensive and a user can get a better quality product for the price of an Apple product. Well, the article isn't about price comparison of Apple with other companies or another Microsoft vs. Apple or iPhone vs. Android phone battle, it's completely about something else; my own bad experience with Apple products.

The iPhone Issue
Broken Screen
After clearing my high school studies, I was promised to be gifted an iPhone 4s, and so was me. I won't say anything about the user ability although I missed using the Bluetooth with other devices, but I surely didn't like the physical part of the phone. It's been 4th time, I've been getting a new display for the phone. The screen is so delicate that it doesn't even survive a normal one feet bed fall. It gets shattered into pieces in no time and guess what? The three -year old phone touch (original) cost around $160+ (there are a lot of cheap alternatives available on the internet & Black Market, but Apple India's original iPhone touch cost 10,000+ INR) cost which I guess is a lot much of amount for a three year old phone, I've paid that much four times in a year. That's actually more than double than the phone's actual cost.

PROBLEM: I am actually disappointed with this thing of Apple. A three -year old phone touch costing so much is not acceptable, and their Apple Care doesn't include any physical damage (I know most of the other mobile manufacturers also don't provide the service, but being the world's number one Tech giant, they must think something about it). If you really want to innovate then, please don't make stuff so delicate just to fill your pockets.

The problem doesn't end here. All off a sudden getting screens changed (multiple times) my iPhone's almost every connection stopped working, all of the network buttons greyed out, both from the Notification Centre and Settings, including Bluetooth, WiFi, Tethering and even 3G data. I don't know how even the normal network was working and I was able to send/recieve texts & calls? I tried almost everything I could (searching on Web), but nothing worked, even Apple's online support forums couldn't provide any information, all they said was to try rebooting and resetting the phone. I took the iPhone to Genius Bar guys and guess what? They were not able to do it, too. Somehow after a month it started working. I don't know how?

PS: I shifted to a Samsung Android now.
Link: to the Apple support forum for greyed out buttons.

The MacBook Issue
I got my first Mac soon after completing 11th grade, another gifted Apple product from my family. It was around March 2013 and the model was a mid 2012 MacBook Pro 13'. The machine seemed nice and powerful. It was what all I wanted, but didn't please me. It was one month later when all off a sudden machine started creating problems; rebooting again and again and was getting heated as f*ck. It was under warranty so, I took it to the service center and I come to know that machine have been equipped with a "faulty mother board". I was like a company that did things so precisely how could they equip a machine with faulty parts? I remember Steve Job's biography while making the first Mac, how precisely he made the system, even signing some of them. I was seriously pissed off by this. The iStore had kept my Mac for a week. Until this date I am confused if Apple didn't sell me a refurbished Mac for the price of a new one.

PROBLEM: People don't expect such kind of mistakes from a company like Apple, who was once known for it's stability.

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The Wireless Keyboard Issue
Keyboard Nob
I also bought a wireless keyboard and a magic mouse with my Mac, thought they might come in handy in time of need. But unfortunately they didn't, I forgot the batteries inside the keyboard and didn't use for a month and the batteries leaked causing damage to the side of keyboard from where batteries are inserted. I took the keyboard to Asia's number one technology market; Nehru Place, India (since the keyboard was not under warranty, I thought people out there could help me out for cheap). Those guys were not able to repair it, so my last hope was the Apple service centre only. I took it to the two of the most famous Apple service providers in Delhi, but what I hear from them is that they could not do anything about it, I would have to purchase a new Keyboard.

A 110$ keyboard that could not be repaired, is complete waste of money. I know it's my fault that I forgot the batteries inside, but there must have been a way to make it work. I mean my hundred dollars is wasted just cause of a 2$ battery. I could not afford a new keyboard and being honest I won't even would like to. Proudly shifted to iBall Mini Bluekey, which is far better than that of Apple; and the best thing is it compatible with every gadget of mine.

The iPad Issue
Well, being honest I don't have any problems with iPad as such. It has been three years I am working on them. It's just what I feel is Apple is actually making iPads slower. I don't why if it's just with me, but I do feel. They have released iOS 8 on iPad 2, iPad 3, but it actually doesn't work that smooth.

PROBLEM: If Apple is releasing a software for an older machine, they must tweak it to work smoothly, although they have cut some features from the software for old products, but they definitely don't work smooth as the actual version of operating system that came with the product.

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The Other Issues
There are some other issues too which I would like to list and complain about. They might be minor, in my opinion they have created a lot of troublesome.

Cannot Connect to the App Store
Server Issues: Apple servers in India, I don't know why are so slow. Whenever there is an update, may it be of as small as 50MB it takes one hour to do (most of the times it doesn't even connect to App Store). Can't the billion dollar joint afford well reliable servers? I don't have a full day to update my iMovie or iPhoto. Apple was meant to be fast and provide better services which Microsoft or Google could not provide, but it seems they are doing the opposite.

PS: I am on Lan network while taking the screenshot posted.

Late and Expensive Service: If anyone of you ever gave your Mac for a repair you would know what I am talking about. It’s a complete pain in ass. They take your money and return the machine after weeks. I don’t know about other countries, but here in India, especially this happens. Two service providers I would like to name are: RSG Solutions & Reliance iStore. They provide the late of the latest service.

This was my personal experience with the Apple products, it's not like you would face them too, but please make sure you don't make an iFool of yourself. Don't buy the Apple products that you don't need. Especially Mouse or Keyboard/Trackpad if you own a MacBook because the chances are very rare that you will use them. I'll still stick to Apple just because of the user interface of their products, else I would have dumped them until now. I hope Apple reads this article and make some changes. Here are some links I am providing to help you, if you ever face some problem with your Apple product.

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