Thursday, 1 January 2015

Are You Ready For A Virtual Life? Five Tips to Survive

It’s almost been two years I have not written anything for this blog, the readers may have left the hope for further updates too, I’m sorry for that, but I promise, the blog would be updated more frequently in coming days and would be online forever. Come back article needed something not just good, but great, an article which would not only re-live the interest of others, but also could be useful to them in someway that after going through it, they would feel that it was worth their time and would not mind dropping good comments and sharing it with others.

Internet is something, which is available on every device these days, can be operated by anyone & could be used for almost everything, from cooking (tutorials) to shopping & styling (techniques). Name it, you’ll have it. In short: it is a medium, which could be used for anything. Trust me (I am a Mass Communication student), in just next five years Internet would be the only ‘medium’ of communication & entertainment.

Real life won’t even matter, it would all be a virtual game. A game so tough that it may put you on your knees if you didn’t play correctly and it would be really hard to get up & compete with others. Just like life, a virtual life. Technology has advanced so much, everyday we’re just getting deeper & deeper. Just think about it once, what I said. Where could you see yourself in next five years? With wearable technologies like Google Glass & Jawbone available connected to your body and internet simultaneously, do you think, you would a have real life. Even if you might be thinking for a second “yes”, trust me, it won’t. So, are you ready for the game?

The virtual life won't be as different from the real one, the only difference you could point out would be; in real life the person who has a large number of contacts or could say network is respected (even worshipped at times) or someone who has some talent and potential. The word network, would be defined in the terms of friends and followers you have on social networks in virtual life as compared to the people you know in real life. The name of talents or ways one works could be changed, for example you hire a professional police officer or secret agent to keep an eye on someone in real life or to complain about him, but in virtual life you would be needing Ethical Hackers & Cyber-Cells instead of them.

How ready are you for this new “virtual” life of yours? Don't worry if you're not, Tech Sapling gives you five tips for the future life of yours.
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TIP ONE: Start making your network on the Internet. Make accounts on some popular social networks and start adding your friends, families and acquaintances. Make sure, you don’t get too much public, so maintain some privacy and just like you can’t trust anyone new in your real life, don’t do on virtual one either. Here’s an article I wrote two years ago on Facebook, giving some tips on maintaining privacy and making your account almost hack-proof.

Link: Did Someone Hack Into Your Facebook?

TIP TWO: Keep yourself up-to-date with the social networks you’re using or the portals you’re connected to. For example: your Jawbone or RunKeeper account would have almost all of your personal details, like height, weight and health status, which could be very easily used to create a fake personality of yours and get you in trouble. So keep yourself updated with them. Make your securities high, and known of any bugs or problems going through the servers (to be updated with them, read their blogs or news accounts). This would help you in wrong run. Remember it’s Internet, anything can happen. So, why take a risk?

TIP THREE: Get yourself used to all the virtual stuff you can, may it be online group gaming or internet slangs. Trust me, everything would just help you only. You can also get yourself a cheap book teaching some networking, this would prevent you from scams and phishing attacks. It will give you some knowledge of how stuff works so, you could not be fooled easily. Internet slangs and contractions will help you save your time reading something and could even be used while making new friends.

TIP FOUR: Try to understand difference between a bot and a real user. If anyone of you remember the Yahoo Messenger days, you would get to know what I mean to say. It’s usually happens on chat rooms and social networks that bots are online rather than someone who you think is. For people who don’t know what a bot is: it is a scripted or coded person who appears to be real, but isn’t. Bots are usually made to spam or collect data. Remember to clear cache and cookies after using a public or shared computer.

TIP FIVE: Big names like Microsoft and Google are already planning to convert the world into a Wifi-Hub where everyone could share and access each other’s data and that too for free. This could be helpful in someways like in medical industry, but for someone like me or you it could be little dangerous. As everything would be on cloud and easily accessible, the problem of identity theft may arise, as I said above anyone can make a fake personality of you and it could be really difficult to differentiate between the two. The best option would be not using shared networks and if using, you must hide the folders in which your private or important data are stored.

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