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10 Ways To Take Revenge On Someone Online

Frustrated by someone's actions? He's not doing good to you and making your life miserable? Has harmed you & and just made you cry and nothing else? It's time to take a stand up, then. Show him that you're no less, you are not here for tolerating his bad behaviour and cruelty. He must me punished for his deeds.

Don't worry if no one's helping you. We will. Tech Sapling shares 10 Ways To Take Revenge On Someone.

Note: Most of the ways which we'll be sharing are complete anonymous, which means you won't get noticed anyway while taking revenge. But please make sure you are conscious about what you're doing. Most of the ways are un-ethical and may land you in trouble or could even get you sued. We are in no way responsible for the outcomes and this article is just for educational purpose, how you actually use it, is on you.

Ways To Take Revenge On Someone Online:

1. Creating a Fake Identity and Misusing it.
Fake Account Mis-used
Choose a social networking website of your choice or may be all of them, and let the devil inside you do what it feels like. Create cheap Photoshop-ped images of your culprit, share them with the worst captions you can ever think off, post vulgar content like statuses, and abuse others, may be his bosses or girlfriend or even family members from his name. Post on others’ walls and message them shit.

Don’t worry if you’re not good at Photoshop, Internet is full of online image editing tools.
You’re just a search away.

2. Spamming: Subscribe to Adverts & Offers

Many portals give an option to subscribe to their public updates (like news letters), you can take a lot benefit from this. Subscribe him to everything you can, make him realize his mistake; let his inbox be full off crap and those cheap offers. Best revenge could be if he’s a guy, subscribing him to male laundry & homosexual stuff could make him cry.

Note: for this method to work, you would need his email address, and cherry on the top would be if it were his business or office email account. Some publishers need to verify email before sending stuff, make sure you choose a service that doesn’t.

3. Criticizing/Abusing or Harassing on Public Domains
Abusing on Social Networks
Okay. Now this is something, which if you do would get him to know that you’re behind all these things, which are happening to him. If he’s aware then go ahead. And if you don’t want to show that you’re actually the person behind then don’t do.

Note: try to use Fake accounts, wherever you can. Keep a note that if the content you are using to abuse him is too vulgar you might end up in trouble.

4. Posting Adverts on Online Classifieds
This is my personal favorite. It doesn’t require any work. Simply take his number (if you don’t have) and start selling his stuff on online classified websites like: Craigslist, Quikr, OLX and others. Remember to make an advert as genuine as you can and try to keep price low. List his/her official number on the classified, trust me he will go mad by the number of calls he’ll be receiving and might end up changing is number.

5. Hacking Personal Information
Hacking someone’s account isn’t tough anymore. You can do it by many ways, for example: Phishing attack is the easiest method. You can search for it on Internet and would get to know how it works. You can even guess his accounts’ passwords using a key logger. If you’re not that technical. Leave it. There are many other ways you can use. Keep reading!

6. Sending Virus to System Remotely
Don’t worry if you don’t have access to his system or phone. You can ruin them anyway siting just in your room. All you’ve to do is create a Virus file, compress it and mail it. Most of the email service providers are not able to scan compressed files so, there’s nothing to worry.

Note: use an anonymous or temporary email account, which could be deleted at anytime. You can use WinZip or WinRAR for compressing.

7. Opening Fake Online Businesses
Start up a fake business portal or page on his name. Make him a pornstar or a criminal on the web. Make it as worse as you can. Put it on his name and phone number. Grab some popcorn and enjoy!

Example: An online sex toy store or some online illegal drug dealing business.

8. Sexting, maybe?
Send him nude, no not of yours, of others. Cheap nude photos, vulgar messages. Do it. Not just from one account but from as many as you can. Let him get frustrated. Gay porn would be the best.

9. Reporting Accounts Fake
Reporting Fake on Facebook
All most all-social networks have this feature of reporting an account fake. Click on it, make your friends click on it, make everyone you can click on it. This will send a message to the admins that user is fake and he will end up losing his account forever. Do it with the account, which he uses for business. Let him lose some money.

10. Let Karma Work?
I know after giving so many ways of taking revenge, I am saying this, I may be sounding stupid, but trust me; this is the best method among all. Why to waste your time taking revenge on someone while you can utilize the same time on working on yourself? Happiness and Massive Success are the best revenge. If you interested in Philosophy, you can check our sister website: All Quotes.

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