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Internet Helped Me to Get 3 Inch Taller!

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First of all, this is not an advertisement, review, spam or something. This is my real story I am sharing with you all and it's 100% true. If you are currently reading this, this is sure that you are interested in increasing your height. Well, four months back I was also in the same position, sitting in the corner of my room; depressed that there could be no way possible to get what I want and regain my self-confidence. For once I was like completely broken. Somehow my fate was in my favour and it made all that I am today.

As my most of the work used to be on the internet, I would be online like 24 hours. Did I think why not to take advantage of this medium? Well, and I wasn't wrong, this proved to be a great step taken. The main problem which I faced was; most of the links were fraud or just to make money and spam you. It took me a long time to compile the right stuff, and probably they are the ones I'll be sharing with you with some personal tips.

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How Internet Helped

Video Sharing Sites
Web sites like YouTube & Metacafe have an enormous database of videos, which includes sports, entertainment  exercises, all categories of videos. I use to do Yoga every morning watching height increase Yoga exercises on YouTube and before going to bed I use to listen to GH-Sleep Isochronic tone on my mobile via streaming app. Those who don't know what is an Isochronic tone: Isochronic tones are a very effective audio-based method of stimulating the brain. More information about isochronic tones could be found here.  The tone (GH Sleep) which I used to listen helps in stimulating growth hormone when you are sleeping, which helps you to grow taller.
  • You can listen to Isochronic tone - here (YouTube).
  • Yoga exercise to get taller - here (YouTube).
  • Second Yoga exercise to get taller - here (Metacafe).
Listen to the tone every night for at least a month and sleep properly. Wake up on time next morning and do the exercises. Remember you should make a proper schedule and should eat proper food before trying anything as the body needs vitamins & minerals to grow. What I'll suggest is add a lot of Zinc, Calcium & Protein rich food to your afternoon and night meals and eat as much as Carbohydrates as you can in the morning. Drink at least 2 litres of water every day and make a note that water should not be boiled. Boiled water kills minerals. You could opt for RO water or simple tap water will do the work (if it is not hard water).

Article Directories
Websites like eHow, WikiHow have at least 10 to 20 articles on every single topic, interlinking each other, which proved to be very beneficial to me. You could search for the one you want. They provided all the possible ways I could increase my height - what should I eat, what are best ways I can look tall, etc. Here are some articles you must read:
Torrent Portals
Well, I know piracy is a bad thing, but I had no other choice than pirating as most of the eBooks & good music is not freely available on the internet or is spam. Trough Torrent I could at least test whether it's safe or not (I use uTorrent). YouTube does have Yoga and exercises videos, but it doesn't any tutorial height increasing exercises playlists or proper instructive video, all it has is small clips. You'll find that most of the videos teaching the same. So, it was the time to get a little intense. Searched for many eBooks and finally found one that actually worked. Grow Taller 4 Idiots is the book's name and there are many versions of it. You can read them all if you want to. You could download the book Grow Taller 4 Idiots from any of your favourite Torrent website.

Note: many fake websites sell the same work for money and they are a complete scam please don't waste your money on those. And I use to listen to many motivational songs like - Don’t Stop Believing, All Eyes on Me, Faint.

Yahoo Answers, Quora & Apps
Yahoo Answers and Quora are some of the best Q/A portals, they helped me regarding many height and health related questions. Some of the questions I would like to share are:
Smartphone apps like Health Tap, and Grow Taller were quite handy too. One app I would recommend is RunKeeper, it is a cross-platform application and could be used to track your running or cycling. And if you are not satisfied with YouTube's videos for meditation, you can always try the calm app or visit their website. Although some sessions are paid but are worth the price.

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Further Acknowledgement: I am a 19 old male (puberty over), going to be 20 this July. If it can work on me and you are still in puberty you could easily gain 5-6 inches. Keep in note all this worked for me doesn't mean would work for you because everyone's body is different, some react fast while some take years. All you can down is try, try and try and never give up. This is what I did. My four months hard work gifted me three inches of height.


  1. hey man i really need to grow taller. can you help me.

  2. In how many did you gain some height?
    Btw congratz!!

  3. Hi, i wanted to know if this works when you are fat. I'm 5'6 200 lbs. am i allowed to weight lift during the 4 months? Is gh sleep the only iso tone you used before sleeping? Can you use other iso tones? How many times sgould you listen to gh sleep tone? It's 30 min. Should i listen twice before sleeping?

    1. Please contact me via Google+ or DM me on Twitter.

  4. does it really work?!!! here's my email,just confirm for me...sydneymuema@gmail.com

  5. does it really work?!!! here's my email,just confirm for me...sydneymuema@gmail.com

  6. What was ur age when u started this routine?

  7. well done on growing 3 inches, but can you share the links again please as the isochronic tone isn't working??

    1. The links have been updated. Sorry for the late reply :)