Sunday, 24 March 2013

Why Did I Buy Mac Over Windows — Reasons.

MacBook Pro
MacBook Pro'13

I've recently made a switch from Windows to Mac, bought a brand new MacBook Pro. The sudden shift from Window to Mac was not at all problematic, moreover it was awesome. Being an iPad user, the things were quite familiar; the dock, the icons, all looked familiar, though the experience of a Mac was far better than the iPad (& of Windows).

I had to buy a new laptop for me as my old one fell and broke a part. I could have bought a Windows laptop, and even could have saved few dollars for my college studies, but I didn't — I went for the MacBook Pro 13'. Mac is quite expensive comparing Windows, but it's worth the price.

Here are reasons why I bought one:

The Tight Software & Hardware Integration
The best thing about the Mac is the hardware and the software both are made by the same manufacturer. This means there would be no issues regarding compatibility. While looking at the Windows, it is just a software product and is used by many hardware manufacturers (like HP, Dell, Sony, etc). All applications on a Mac run smoothly. Though the number of apps may be less for Mac as compared to Windows, but all run without any issues. On Windows millions of software are available, but all don't work on the same machine.

The User Friendly Environment
Dad using Mac
Ok, being honest my dad can't operate a PC, but he learnt to operate MacBook on the very first day I got it. He can edit pictures on iPhoto, make Skype calls and even edit Word documents. What could be more user-friendly than this?

The Inbuilt Apps — Mac Ready To Be Used From The First Boot.
As I said above the best thing about a Macintosh is the tight integration of both hardware & software. It's true. Since the first boot of Mac, it's ready for your use. May it be video-calling, document editing, photo editing for even messaging. Apple's inbuilt applications like iMessage, iPhoto, Keynote are preinstalled to help you.

The scenario is completely different for Windows. First you would have to search for the software of your need, buy them (or may be pirate'em), then install them.

Best Social Networking Experience
Who doesn't want to stay in contact with his family and friends all the time? I do. I know even you do. And, for the best social networking experience, Mac is the best. New Macs, which are shipping with Mountain Lion has the ability to sync among Twitter, FaceBook, Gmail and yeah you have other social apps like Skype, Adium available for Mac too. Your social networks could now easily be used within the Mac. You would get update via Notification Center as soon as you get a notification (you could disable too). Now you could easily chat with your best buddy while completing your school assignment or talk to your boss while making the presentation. Is it possible on Windows? No!

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Best For Students
I am not saying that Windows is not good for students. It's good, but not best.  A Mac is the best. You could easily buy from thousands of books from the iBook App, watch millions of lectures on iTunesU from best colleges of the world like Cambridge, Harvard University. Chat, make assignments on it simultaneously without any issues.

These are were the reason I bought MacBook Pro over a Windows laptop. FYI: MacBook's entry level model starts at just $999. 

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