Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Install WhatsApp On Mac, Windows, iPad and iPod

Being a cross platform messaging application, WhatsApp is a lot of famous these days. Its features like chat, share images, videos, locations and being available on mostly all mobile operating systems; including years dead Symbian, makes it so "cool" among others. And, no doubt it actually is. This application is dominating the social market, after Facebook.

But one thing that I hate is when I am using my iPad or MacBook, it sometimes become really annoying to stop a while what I was doing, then check phone, open lock, click on WhatsApp icon and reply to the messages. It's real time-consuming and annoying. Isn't it?
Well, people who would be doing jobs on their computers would know the pain.

I guess it won't be anymore. I have figured out the way. I installed WhatsApp on my desktops, iPad, iPod and it works just perfect. Here's a tutorial for slacks like me -

WhatApp on Mac, Windows, iPad, iPod

Install on Mac and Windows: We'll be using an Android emulator called BlueStacks, which will allow you to run WhatsApp on your desktop.

  • Download BlueStack for Mac or Windows from here.
  • Install and run it.
  • Search for 'WhatsApp' in its application store and install it.
  • You're 90% done.
  • Verify your number by 'Voice Call' as SMS thing won't work.
  • Add your friends' phone numbers to show up contacts.
  • Done. You have WhatsApp running on your desktop.
If you are using Windows, you could also try YouWave for installing Android apps. Here's a screenshot of WhatsApp running on my Windows desktop.

Install on iPad and iPod:
  • Download iPhone Configuration app for Windows or Mac.
  • Connect your iPod or iPad to the desktop.
  • Start the iPhone Configuration app and download WhatsApp IPA file. Click here to download.
  • Move to 'Applications' tab in iPhone Configuration Utility App and add the file downloaded.
  • Jailbreak your iPad/iPod from Jailbreakme.com and install Cydia. Here's a tutorial.
  • After installation of Cydia, search for 'WhatsPad' and install it.
  • Reboot the device.
  • Done! You are successfully running WhatsApp.
Note: Now you can't run your WhatsApp Messenger parallel to your phone. Once you will login from desktop/iPad, your phone version will log you out and you would have to re-verify the login, but don't worry it just takes a minute and is 100% safe. Thanks to Your Tech Info for the iPod hack.

UPDATE: Now WhatsApp officially supports a Web version that could be operated on Cloud via any operating system.


  1. Bluestack for mac does not support whatsapp - someone comment me if that's now changed but i'm not wasting my time installing it again to check

    notice this author doesnt give you a screen shot of whatsapp running on mac.

  2. I'll be updating the article ASAP.
    Sorry for the inconvience.

  3. yeah , bluestack just dosent work on my macbook. =<

  4. Everything works except for the fact that all my contacts are gone, and I can't seem to add anyone and that there is no whatsapp icon on desktop.

    P.S. I use mac, and thanks for the tutorial but I really need some help. :D thx again! :)

  5. Awesome post. Now we can use whatsapp on computer or mac without any software with a great official whatsapp web feature.
    Thank you