Thursday, 10 January 2013

Did Someone Hack Into Your Facebook?

I was trying to connect with a fellow classmate since last week, but I wasn't able to, I used to message her, but never got a reply although she was shown online 24x7. I was thinking why? What's the matter she doesn't reply to me. Is something wrong? Last night, I finally got a reply, and we chatted like for hours. Even when she logged out she was shown online. I addressed her the issue and she was tensed! 

If you seem to have the same problem going on with your Facebook account or see some real weird stuffs going on, you have landed on the right page.

Are you being shown online to others even though you actually ain't using Facebook at the moment?
The possibility could be you must have logged into other Facebook linked devices and forgot to logout, for ex. Facebook app for Android, iPad.

Solution: Simply log-out from your device.

The second possibility could be, you must have been a victim of phishing and someone must have got access to your account and he must stalking it or even misusing it.

Solution: Move to Facebook settings > General Account Settings > Password. Change your password on the spot and click on "Log me out of other devices", change your primary email too.

Third possibility could be you must have 'turned on chat' on your mobile browser and the tab could be still open.

Solution: "Logging out of other devices" will do the trick.

You ain't able to login into your Facebook account?
The possibility could be you must have forgotten your password.
Solution: Reset your password, if this doesn't work try contacting Facebook directly.

The second possibility could be someone must have got into your account and you are now totally fucked up.
Solution: Directly contact Facebook Help Center. You can do so by visiting this - link, email at or calling at help line 


  • Never click any suspicious or short link shared on News feed.  Most links are phishing attacks.
  • Choose your password correctly. Try to include symbols in your password as 'Password Hackers' are not able to understand syntax.
  • Unfriend the one you may suspect as hacker.
  • Enable log in notifications.
  • Don't let your personal details be 'Public'.
Here's an article I've written on Privacy settings you must have on your online accounts, please make sure you read it. I hope this would help you. For any other support, contact us or become a fan of Tech Sapling on Facebook.