Friday, 9 November 2012

Is Media Obsessed with Apple?

Since childhood, I have a of lot interest in cinemas. I still remember, I am going to watch my first movie in a multiplex, me sitting with my mum and being offered some popcorn; how amazing the experience was. Since then the craze for cinema has only grown, and is growing yet. I've never missed any movie, song, and even makings of the movie.

I would have at least seen hundred makings of the movie until date and once I even got a chance to visit a well-known channel studio in Delhi too, thanks to my uncle. I was so amazed to see those plasma TVs, ten-twenty computers, microphones, people working on them, one doing something, other doing something else, though I didn't actually know what they were doing as I was just twelve, but the scene was simply adorable. That time anything that involved teamwork excited me.

I guess that was the first time I had seen an Apple Mac, and since then whenever I saw making of a movie, video or even a poster, one question that always use to haunt me, was why the heck these guys always use an Apple product? Why are they so obsessed with Apple? First, I remember watching making of popular Disney movie "Cars", one of the guy was showing the viewers how did they do the animation; flaunting his 27' inch iMac, then a year back I remember watching "Photographs" a Fashion TV's show, the photographer dude was syncing his iPad with a Macbook and showing to his model, then a few days back I am watching "Awkward" again a popular show by MTV. Jenna Hamilton is proudly seen flaunting her iPhone and Macbook five to tens times an episode. I love my iPad too, but I am not crazy for it.

These were just to name some. I've seen many, literally many! Any movie I watch, any daily-soap that I love, any poster editing I've seen everything was either made on Mac, edited on Mac/iPad or just uses an Apple product like an eye candy.

I know Mac and iOS has a lot of editing software available, Aperture, iMovie for video editing and Garageband for music editing, to name some, but same does the Windows and Android platform, the only difference is software are by third-parties.

iOS, the iPhone and iPad operating system there is restriction of File System Access, FAT access, which creates the vulnerability and possibility of virus and other issues. As there is no file sharing and  iTunes makes buying, renting of movies and songs easy and legal iPhone/iPod/Mac being Apple products with iTunes makes media sharing easy plus there is also no SD card slot, Bluetooth support is also only limited to Apple to Apple products, which protects from piracy this may be the reason.
But Apple can not still stop piracy as it makes only 18%-22% of gadgets market share.

And, moreover hackers still find their ways and same logic goes for giving no FAT access, as hackers can easily get access and spoil the whole system. Who remembers Java update virus that Macs had to face this summer? The only solution was to get a new Mac update installed from Apple Store. And, plus iOS could easily be jailbreak-ed to flaunt its so-called secure file system that too legally.

Perhaps gadgets have become so important in our daily lives that we don't realize using them so often, but again my question remains unanswered why is media so obsessed with Apple?

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