Monday, 22 October 2012

5 Ways Technology Could Help You To Lose Weight, Look Great

Technology is advancing day by day and no doubt this will continue, there are both pros and cons of something and so are of technology, and completely depends upon you; how you use it. Well, I would have been there, I would have used it for my personal development and may be so can you. You can use it to advance yourself, not just mentally by reading stuff on  the Internet, but by physically too. Here are some ways technology could help you lose weight and help in making a better personality. 

1. Isochronic tones: Well, this is the best way I'll be recommending anyone. Isochronic tones simply alter your neurons and make them work as you want. There are thousands of tones available for every different purpose, all you have to do is download 'Fat Cell Removal' and 'HGH Increase' ones.  A simple Google search to download links would do the job.

2. Health Apps: Some iPhone and Android apps like Nike+, RunKeeper, Endomondo, Noom could be really help you. All you have to do is download the best one, which suits you, whenever you get up from your work desk like may be for a coffee just start the app, track the steps you went, calories you had in your coffee, calories burnt and so on..

3. Social Networks: Yes even social networks could help you out to know that it's the time to get some exercise. *I'm assuming that you're a daily social network user*. All you have to do is ask your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google Hangouts or anything to keep on reminding you that you have to exercise. The time you waste while sitting idle on your laptop talking to friends could be easily utilised if you dump your laptop and start using 'em on your smartphone. Simply connect your buddies via smartphone and start exercising, you can get help from your phone's voice assistant to help you chat with your buddies and simultaneously you can exercise.

If you don't have a smartphone, then it's a different case, I guess.

4. YouTube: Yes, the video site can be used in many more ways than watching music videos. All you have to do is search the techniques or the ways, which can help you out to get the type of body you want. For example: If you want to lose thigh fat, a simple Youtube 'Lose thigh Fat' would help you out.

5. Online ForumsSome online forums focusing at gym and bodybuilding tips could be just more than what you need. Just find the right one for you, subscribe it, register and start asking your questions and doubts about losing fat.

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