Monday, 29 October 2012

45 Reasons Why I Love My iPad

I've been using iPad since a year now and I'm really addicted to it. First, I thought buying an iPad wouldn't be a good choice instead I should go for a Mac, but now I think I made a good decision going for it. I've really fallen in love with it. I just love the way it, "Simply Works" without any problems.

Here are reasons why I love my iPad, and may be you should too:
  1. The design is awesome.
  2. iOS, simply works.
  3. No difficulty in using, even my granny can use.
  4. Games like Temple Run, Agent Dash makes it more addictive.
  5. Many accessories are available.
  6. Very light to hold.
  7. Could fit in almost anything, bag, briefcase, etc..
  8. Apple Care support always helps.
  9. Graphics are incredible. Even iPad 2 graphics are much better than that of an ordinary PC.
  10. iTunes makes things more easy, just sync and boom.
  11. iBooks, iTunes U is the future of education.
  12. Safari on iPad is even faster than Google Chrome on Windows.
  13. Software updates are free, I just got iOS6.
  14. HTML 5 support is incredible.
  15. Doesn't support flash, so no mess.
  16. Watching movies look awesome on iPad.
  17. 9'7" makes it a perfect device for reading, playing or may it be anything.
  18. Easily connects with my Apple TV.
  19. A5, A6 processors makes it stronger than even Rome.
  20. Game Center allows me to play with friends even when am at bed.
  21. Newsstand made me to remove my newspaper man.
  22. FaceTime connects me with friends at the go.
  23. Awesome battery life.
  24. Colorful smart covers available.
  25. Better than my PlayStation and PowerPC.
  26. iMessage is great. It's like WhatsApp for my iPad.
  27. iMessage is more secure and better than BBM.
  28. Working on it lis more productive.
  29. Never hangs like my 6 years old Compaq Presario used to.
  30. Is a lot cheaper than Notebooks.
  31. It's just Mac, with touch screen.
  32. Applications available for it are much better than Android, BB, etc..
  33. Multi-touch, means more multi-tasking. 
  34. Awesome autocorrect.
  35. Productive apps like Keynote are far better than Office.
  36. Works like a charm with other Apple products.
  37. More secure than a BlackBerry.
  38. There's an App for almost everything.
  39. The price of applications are quite reasonable.
  40. Cloud supports is awesome. A must for professionals.
  41. Nothing is copied. As Apple believes in its own innovation.
  42. Surfing internet is enjoyable.
  43. The inbuilt Facebook and Twitter integration in iOS6 rocks.
  44. Portability.
  45. It's made by Apple.

    PS: This post was written back in 2012 when I bought my first iPad and since this, my craze for Apple products has been increasing. Now I own almost every Apple product. Please do read this: Is Media Obsessed With Apple?